Saturday, July 21, 2018

Diabetes increases risk of cancer and even more so for women

CANCER DIGEST – July 21, 2018 – A new population study involving 20 million people has found that having diabetes, either type 1 or 2, increases the risk of cancer compared to people without diabetes.

The researchers, led by Dr. Toshiaki Ohkuma, at the George Institute for Global Health at Oxford University analyzed data from 47 studies from the USA, Japan,

Australia, China and the UK. The findings published in the journal Diabetologia, show women were 27 percent more likely to develop cancer than women without diabetes and the risk was 19 percent higher for men.

The higher risk of cancer included the majority of cancers of specific parts of the body for both men and women, although women with diabetes had a 12 percent lower risk of liver cancer compared to women without diabetes.

The results also found that diabetes increases the risk of cancer more for women compared to men. For cancer of the kidney women had an 11 per cent higher risk, oral cancer was 13 per cent higher, stomach cancer was 14 per cent higher and women’s risk of leukaemia was 15 per cent higher compared to men with diabetes.

It is unknown how diabetes increases the risk of cancer, but one theory is that elevated levels of blood glucose may lead to DNA damage than can trigger cancer.

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