Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Better biopsy method improves prostate cancer detection

Urology Centre YouTube by
Dr. Nadar Awad, explaining
standard TRUS biopsy.
CANCER DIGEST – May 20, 2014 – Using a combination of MRI and ultrasound researchers significantly improved the detection of moderate- and high-risk prostate cancer compared to current biopsy methods. In a study of 153 men averaging nearly 66 years of age the researchers detected moderate to high-risk tumors in 47 of 65 men (72.3 percent) and low-risk tumors in 19 of 40 men (47.5 percent). They also detected cancer in 15 of 105 of the men (14.3 percent) that had been missed by conventional biopsy, 13 of which were clinically significant. Tumors detected by standard biopsy were upgraded in 23.5 percent of tumors with the targeted MRI.  The technique fuses the images obtained by MRI and ultrasound and uses MRI technology to analyze multiple parameters to differentiate between suspicious lesions and the densely packed cells that indicate a tumor. The study was published today in the June 2014, Journal of Urology.

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