Monday, March 31, 2014

Aspirin after colon cancer therapy linked to immune system

JAMA INTERNAL MEDICINE – Mar. 31, 2014 – Patients who took aspirin after surgery for colon cancer had a better chance of surviving if the tumor expressed a particular immune system antibody generator. Researchers at Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands, examined tumor tissue to try to determine the mechanism by which aspirin might increase survival.  Of the 999 patients, 182 (18.2 percent) were aspirin users and among them there were 69 deaths (37.9 percent). There were 396 deaths among 817 nonusers of aspirin (48.5 percent). The survival benefit of aspirin use was greatest for those whose tumors expressed a protein called HLA-1, which is part of the signaling the immune system uses to determine which cells to attack.

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